The importance of education - Simon Ponten inspires people at Alewijnse

Education as a theme. Learning & development specialist Simon Ponten inspires people at Alewijnse.

The psychology students at the university have made way for the employees of Alewijnse eager for knowledge, and the benches in the lecture theatres have been exchanged for an online summer school. Simon Ponten is a learning & development specialist at Alewijnse and for him; "Inspiring people to learn is the best job in the world.”

Education has been the central theme running throughout Simon Ponten's career. He worked first as a teacher of biological psychology and later as an advisor, trainer and coach for all kinds of organizations. In 2019 he moved to Alewijnse; a leading international electrical engineering service provider in the maritime and industrial sectors. There he took responsibility for setting up, developing and renewing learning and development throughout Alewijnse worldwide. "It's great to see that we have already made major advances in this direction,” he says.

Importance of education

According to Simon, it is good to reflect on the importance of education. "There is no doubt education is enormously important. It can, for example, help people escape from poverty or to rise up against oppression. With knowledge, you better understand the world around you. I am grateful for what Ï have received through education.”

Inspiring young people 

"For that reason, I wanted to inspire young people to value knowledge and skills. Twenty-four years ago I had the opportunity to become a teacher at a university. As a biological psychology teacher, I had the task of explaining to psychology students how the human brain functions, but most of all I wanted to make them curious, eager to gain yet more knowledge."

Working at Alewijnse

"At Alewijnse I am working on increasing knowledge, developing skills and inspiring people. It is particular interesting as my team has the freedom to shape learning in such a way that it actually leads to visible results in daily practice. That is truly rewarding to experience!”




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