The Dutch Bridge

Alewijnse provides the complete project management from design to completion without any consulting firms and with a minimum of paperwork. With over 25 years of experience in bridge engineering, Alewijnse provides the knowledge and skills to take the work off your hands. This concept allows us to provide a cheap, and above all, safe bridge.

The Dutch Bridge

Renovating, replacing or building a bridge takes a lot of time, money and attention from you as a bridge manager. In the old days, the plank over the ditch was a matter of trust and bargaining. Now you have to deal with different European laws and regulations and various safety standards. In many cases, you will lack the time and resources to maintain the necessary knowledge. Furthermore, the existing knowledge slowly decreases. Risk and liability have become major issues. Previously, this could still be handled creatively. Today, a bridge project requires a lot of time and effort and is significantly more expensive due to the need to hire external expertise.


In order to do something about this unnecessary waste of money and hassle, we have developed The Dutch Bridge, based on our years of experience. By taking standards as the starting point, it is once again possible for you as a bridge manager to build or renovate a bridge:

  • without own expertise and without external consulting firms;
  • without too much paperwork;
  • within the European procurement rules;
  • in accordance with the last standards and legislation;
  • in a safe and reliable manner;
  • at much lower costs.