Bridges & Locks

Alewijnse has been realising the complete (remote) control and other electrical engineering installations for bridges and locks for over 25 years to the full satisfaction of its customers. The entire process from preparing specifications, design, implementation and management, up to service and maintenance is in expert hands with Alewijnse. To achieve this, Alewijnse has a wide range of proven solutions:

  • communications systems
  • power systems
  • lighting systems
  • audio systems
  • process automation
  • energy consulting
  • 24-hour service for service and maintenance

Control system

Developing and realising the control system of a bridge or lock is an art in itself. A bridge or lock that no longer opens or closes is a nightmare for any manager. Let alone a bridge or lock that unintentionally does this in an unsafe manner? Personal injury or worse is nothing compared to the economic damage it may cause. Safety, reliability and controllable costs are therefore the main focus of many of our customers.

Alewijnse has been a leader in the development and realisation of control systems for bridges and locks for over 25 years. During this time, we have restored hundreds of bridges and locks or assisted in their construction.


Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we look further than just our own activities. This allows us to cooperate seamlessly with other disciplines. And we actively contribute to the solutions on the various overlaps with these other disciplines. Upon request, we also take care of the entire project management.

The Dutch Bridge

With this expertise as the basis, we developed The Dutch Bridge. By taking standards as the starting point, it is once again possible for bridge masters to build or renovate a safe and reliable bridge. Without expensive external expertise, with less hassle and for a smaller budget.

Reliability and safety

We demonstrably ensure the reliability and safety of our bridges and locks by applying System Engineering, SIL (Safety Integrity Level) and RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) analyses.

Inspections and maintenance

Our branches in Zwolle, Utrecht, Delft, Nijmegen, Amsterdam and Zaltbommel assist us with the inspections, maintenance and 24-hour on-site service. This allows for short response times.